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Tired of low-quality bug extermination service and careless inspection in Houston?

Tired of bed bug bites keeping you up all night? Well, Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is here to save you from all the sleepless nights. Our experienced professionals will do a thorough inspection of your home and provide effective solutions to get rid of all the bed bugs in no time. Whether you are in Pasadena, Cloverleaf, Bellaire, Aldine, or anywhere Downtown, we provide top-quality bed bug removal services to all the suburbs in the Houston area.

We use state of the art technologies and techniques to sniff out bed bugs from every nook and cranny of your home. We then use safe and environmentally friendly bed bug control solutions to get rid of these critters for good. Our services also don’t break the bank. We give special attention to our pricing system to ensure affordable and fair charges for our customers. So, if you are worried about bed bugs in your home and need a bed bug treatment, call Bed Bug Exterminator Houston now and get a professional bed bug Inspection and the best bed bug control service.

Worried about bed bugs in your home and need a bed bug treatment? Call Bed Bug Exterminator Houston now and get a Free Bed Bug Inspection. Our master technicians are always waiting for you to knock.

We Are The Most Trusted Bed Bug Extermination Company in Houston


Honesty is the attribute that Bed Bug Exterminator Houston values most in our employees. We don’t sell you any bed bug treatment if no bed bugs are found upon inspection. Our policy is to offer a free inspection and confirm if there is any presence of bed bugs in your home. If not, we simply walk away thanking you. We have over 95% of content customers with numerous times taking our service.

We have performed over 15 Thousand bed bug inspection in Houston alone with a 100% extermination rate. If there is ever a problem with our service for the first, we make it right! Due to our loyal customers’ dramatic escalation, we now have over 17 branches in Houston, Tx.

We have 150 registered Bed bug experts who works only for the community’s welfare. They will work until your house is bug-free.

We also use the best methods for our extermination services. The technologies we use for making your home bug-free are, well, impeccable. They have never let us down and never will.

We have maintained the certification by the Texas Pest Management Association as a bed bug specialist since 2010.

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Why Should You Hire Us?

We offer customized, powerful bed bug treatments that will eliminate the bed bugs where they board and populate. Our motto is to work quickly and effectively with as little disruption as possible.

We guarantee:

We provide a solution for each of your bug problems individually. With treatment methods like steaming, laundering, vacuuming, and freezing, we have the most varied bed bug treatment in Houston.

Sometimes you might have heard of fancy services like bed bug detection by dogs. We also use trained bug detection dogs at every service as they are not a treatment alone but help us in every way.

Our service includes both Residential bed bug treatment and Commercial bed bug treatment.  All of our day to small scale services are eco-friendly.

We offer ecofriendly treatments like Heat TreatmentSteam Treatment, and Cryonite.

With all these said, we have the most varied range of services and most experienced technicians in Texas. Thus we proudly associate us as the best pest control company in Houston. And that’s why you should hire us.

Do You Need Bed Bug Inspection in Houston?

Houston, Texas, is one of the worst cities to experience bed bugs. A survey by Terminix in 2020 reports that Houston is ranked 12 on the list of most bed bug cases. This leads us to threat as Bed Bugs possesses health hazards. But, Fret not! We provide free bed bug inspection in Houston.

As the summer heat rises, the bed bugs became more of an issue. Bed Bug is associated with impetigo, ecthyma, lymphangitis, an allergic reaction, and even mental health issues. So you need an inspection every 2 to 3 months. You can call us now.

Even if you clean up infested areas of your home, bed bugs will stick there. To get rid of them, you will require chemical treatments. Treating your bed and bedroom with insecticides is more harmful. So, it is wiser to call any bed bug inspection service in Houston.


Cost of Bed Bug Treatments in Houston

Once you have decided to receive our services, we will provide a free inspection for both Apartment and Home Owner. You will receive a price quote then.

As Bed Bug Treatments cost relies on many factors, we can’t provide you an exact number. The factors that can change the cost are:

  1. Size of the extermination area
  2. Type of Extermination Area (e.g., Home, Apartment, Hotel, etc.)
  3. Treatment types
  4. Furniture types and its age

Most companies will take anywhere from $500 to $1,500, depending on the method you choose a full bed bug removal. But we won’t try to rob you. Our Extermination cost ranges from $300 to $1000 depending on the above factors.

Need professional help with bed bug treatment in Houston?

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How to Get Rid of Bed Bugs

There are so many DIY Processes. But they often don’t take factors like weather, size, and location of the area. So, DIY methods don’t work nearly as you would expect, and it’s frustrating too. So, leave it to the pros.

But don’t fret now! We have a professional technique that can help you more than anything.

First, locate places where bed bugs can be residing in your home. Bed bugs like to dwell in dark and warm places, such as the mattresses, cracks in drywall, or under the edge of wall-to-wall carpeting.


Prevention for Houston Residents

Prevention is the best way to make your home bed bug free for a more extended amount of time. Fortunately for you, we will provide you the most authentic and practical prevention guide after each treatment you receive. Remember, prevention method changes with the changing of your home conditions for the bug. So we provide a professionally build new method every time we treat your home.

Until you receive service from us, the best way to prevent your home will be using a protective cover over mattresses and box springs that will eliminate many hiding spots. Keep it simple cause the more you complicated things, it will be easier for bed bugs to grow.

Call us to get a free prevention method even if you don’t want to take service from us. We are happy to help.

What Are Bed Bugs?

Bed bugs are brownish looking small insects that feed only on the blood of animals. The common bed bug likes to feed on us, humans. They are from the genus Cimex and feed on human blood, usually at night.

Bed Bugs bite has several health impacts, including allergic symptoms, skin rashes, and psychological effects.

Signs of Bed Bugs

bed bugs

Suspicious about Bed bugs in your room? Nervous about the likelihood of bed bugs in your room? We have just the solution for you. Inspecting for bed bugs is easy if you know how to. Perform a DIY check fabricated by our Experts.

Look out for bugs about the size of an apple seed (approximately five millimeters). Bed bugs are reddish-brown and wingless; they swell up like a torpedo after a blood feasting.

Physical Sign of Bed bugs can be easy to find if you know where to look for and what to look for. Here are things you should look for that are considered a sign of a Bed Bug.

  1. Exoskeletons, or bed bug shells
  2. Fecal spots on mattress and clothing
  3. Bloodstains on sheets and pajamas

Now the question is where you will look for? We have the best answer for you. Check it out.

  1. Mattresses, bed frames, box springs, folds, tufts, and buttons on mattresses
  2. Cracks in wooden floors and the edge of the carpet
  3. Behind the wallpapers, clocks, and Picture Frame
  4. Furniture such as chairs and desks

You will probably find your answer already if you are following this guide. So call now for a more professional inspection.

Life Cycle of A Bed Bug

The life of a bed bug starts from an egg. Female bed bugs produce one and five eggs each day and 500 eggs within one lifetime. These are approximately 1 mm in length.

The eggs are grain-like and milk-white.

In two weeks, the bed bug’s egg hatches and begins immediately to feed.


These young bed bugs are called nymphs. They go through five-stage before reaching maturity. Larvae look like adults bugs, but they are slightly smaller in size and are not sexually mature.

The nymphs are yellow-white, but the adults are reddish-brown.

To complete a molting stage, nymphs need a blood feast. Nymphs become adults within five weeks.


After reaching maturity, the adults make weekly feedings on blood.

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