Let Us Introduce Ourselves

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is a local bed bug extermination company solely committed to providing you with the highest quality services in Houston, Texas. This company was created to help our community to receive a welcome experience when having to deal with bed bugs. We attain the highest standard of quality without having to break your bank.

Who We Are

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is mutually owned and operated. We’re a pest control company with over a decade of bed bug control experiences and expansive knowledge. All of our technicians are licensed pesticide applicators and are highly trained in bed bug treatment procedures. We are here to get rid of bed bugs for you! We perform hundreds of bed bug treatments every week, with over 10000 happy customers served.

What We Do

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston offers every treatment available to exterminate bed bugs. From freezing to steaming, all bed bug control treatment is available. All of our treatments are eco-friendly. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston provides emergency response, empathy, and effective bed bug treatment. We also focus on only bed bug services to provide you with unmatched quality and skill.

Why We Do It

The very existence of Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is to serve the customers. Eliminating bed bugs and offering you and your family the peace of mind you deserve is what gives us pleasure. Not only are we the best at treating infestations, but we also come with the most extended no-hassle warranty out there, so our customers remain happy. We receive gratification by helping the community.

Our Business Ethics

Highest Standard In Quality

We proud ourselves, providing you with the best treatment possible with high-quality chemicals and tools. Our tools and apparatus are proprietary and made by the best mechanics in Texas. The group of technicians works for us are registered through NPMA.

Customer Satisfaction

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston will make your house bug-free, like a new home! We value our customer’s experience and satisfaction with our service above everything else. If things don’t meet your standards and excellence level, we do it again until they meet.

Environmental Sustainability

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is aware of the Environment and mother earth. That’s why we encourage eco-friendly methods of Bed Bug Extermination. All of our treatments are environmentally friendly. You are proud to inform you that Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is one of the founding members of Green Business in Texas. We actively work to recycle efficiently while conserving energy.