Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Bed bugs swarming in your house? Tried hundreds of solutions but didn’t work? Bed Bug Exterminator Houston provides the Bed Bug termination facilities in Houston.

Our bed bug treatments are the safest, quickest, and most efficient bed bug treatment methods in the industry.  We use a specialized treatment like Thermal Heat Treatment, Steam treatment, Cryonite, and many more. 

Heat Treatment is the most popular bed bug treatment in our services. We have over 3500 happy customers only in Heat Treatment. Our company also provides a 16-month warranty for the treatment.

What is it?

Our eco-friendly heat treatment is a while house treatments involve a Pest Management Professional using specially designed equipment for raising the home’s temperature to eliminate all the bed bugs.

Our services’ dry heat comes from specialized heaters equipped with some safety devices like sensors and thermostats. Thus, we can heat the entire target area to exactly 130-150 degrees.

bed bug heat treatment

Importance of Heat Treatment

Bed bugs rapidly multiply and spread. In a survey conducted by the UoK, pest extermination companies stated that bed bugs are the most problematic pest to terminate.

Traditional treatments such as pesticides and other chemical treatments are often counter-productive, as they can cause the bed bugs to spread and expand the infestation further throughout the house. It makes it hard to combat later.

Our heat treatment service will terminate all bed bugs in a zippy without even putting any toxic chemicals near your living area.

About Our Heat Treatment


Our Bed Bugs treatment is a manual and 100% effective solution for any bed bug problem. We offer a 16-months warranty too.


We have unmarked covered vans, and no one will ever know you have bed bugs in your house. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston leaves no marks behind.


Bed Bug Exterminator Houston uses only dry heat, No Pesticides or chemicals! This makes our treatment safe for you and your family.

Reasonable & Affordable

Our Prices start at a very low starting point, From $50. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston can proudly say we give the most affordable and reasonable eco-friendly bed bug treatment in Houston.

Our Process

Our thermal radiator systems (Proprietory) are 100% eco-friendly. We terminate all bed bugs in your house with heat without the use of pesticides. Our sauve heating system is made manually for killing every bed bug at any life stage.

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston raises the temperature evenly all over the home to 130-150 degrees. The critical temperature to kill all of the bed bugs living in your home but a safe temperature for all your belongings.

We use dry mechanical heat and also bring our power station. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston monitors the temperature of your house throughout the day by our heat techs.