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Bed bugs are a huge problem in Texas, and especially in Missouri. It is common to wake up with rashes on your skin. As such, bed bug exterminator in Missouri City, TX, is here for you. Say goodbye to annoying bed bugs through our expert beg bug removal techniques!

Who Are We?

We are Bed Bug Exterminator Houston. As the name suggests, we are primarily housed in Houston. So, if you have bed bug problems in Pasadena, Cloverfield, or Missouri, we’ll be right there!

Bed bugs are literally and metaphorically a growing problem. The bugs spread and grow at an alarming rate. Moreover, they cause allergies, rashes, and even mental deterioration. And it is frustrating to feel itchy while you’re in bed! Our team of experts is highly trained on and off the field.

We have inspected numerous residential and commercial areas to make your life bug-free. We work diligently and provide a free inspection. Also, we are affordable and eco-friendly with our removal techniques. Customers trust us, which is the best thing we achieved and still do!

bed bug experts in Missouri City TX

Why Hire Us?

In Missouri, you can find countless bed bug control services. Among them, our company is the best bed bug extermination service in Missouri City, TX. We strive to control bed bugs quickly and without destroying anything else. Rest assured that your belongings and other furniture will remain safe. So, the reasons why you should hire us are:

  • We offer bed bug inspection in Missouri City, TX, free of cost. Some extermination companies charge you for inspection. What’s worse is that when they find no bed bugs, your whole money goes to waste. In our case, we inspect first, and if no bugs are present, we give thanks and leave.
  • Our extermination methods are diverse and layered (7 to be precise). The devices we use are state-of-the-art, and we also bring our power source. Moreover, we ensure no toxic residues remain after application.
  • We accompany trained dogs for bed bug detection. These dogs can sniff out even the most hidden bugs in the tiniest crevices. And we also provide eco-friendly techniques like the heating method, which is the first choice of many customers!

So, hopefully, you are considering our company for your next bed bug problem. And even if you don’t, know that bed bugs are not to be underestimated. They devastate your health (physical and mental) in the long run. Hence, do something about it for yourself if necessary.  

The Services We Provide

Finding suitable pest control can be daunting as many companies provide many services. But we assure you that the services offered by us are top-notch. Hence, we list them below so you may have a better idea. Here we go!

Specific Services

What do we mean by specific services? Well, you’ll find out soon enough. Not all things are fixable by similar tools. So, following that concept, we provide specific services for residential and commercial areas. Some additional specifications are:

Residential Services

Where you reside is essential. Hence, we at Bed Bug Exterminator provide solutions for your bed bugs safely. We try to use little to no insecticides in necessary dosages. After an hour of inspection, we perform our eco-friendly techniques. These include cryonite, heat, or steam treatment.
Residential areas are different from commercial ones. They are more personalized and possess more personal belongings. So, we try our best not to damage any of them and guarantee to eliminate bed bugs within 8 hours.

Commercial Services

Do you own a hotel? And your customers are complaining about itchiness? Then, you most probably have a case of bed bugs. Commercial areas are a bit trickier than residential areas. It is because there are more vents, beds, and crevices for the bed bugs to hide and lay eggs. But fear not! We have bed bug specialists trained for this purpose.

As mentioned earlier, we use dogs in commercial areas to cover wide areas and quickly get rid of bed bugs. And not to contaminate your hotel rooms and such, we use no pesticides or heating or steaming techniques. And sometimes, a combination of both is necessary.

Apart from this, our services include the techniques we have mentioned. Hence, here are some details about them so that you know they are eco-friendly. Health safety is one of our top priorities to avoid repeating the same mistakes of pesticide misuse.

Our Treatments

Heating Treatment

This is our best treatment among the bunch. To begin, we send a bed bug specialist with unique equipment that radiates 130-150 degrees of heat. This causes all the bed bugs (including babies and adults) to die out with time. Beg bugs cannot withstand more than 126 degrees. So, there’s no room for their survival.

Cryonite Treatment

For houses or commercial areas possessing tough-to-reach areas and long pipes, cryonite is guaranteed to kill bed bugs. Our cryonite machine uses -120 degrees of liquid CO2, which kills the bugs instantly after contact. It also goes through all types of cracks and crevices so that no bed bugs are left out. And we provide a 14-month warranty as well.

Steam Treatment

The steaming treatment is most effective for bed bugs living in porous areas of your home. Our commercial-grade steam machine will radiate out 170 degrees of high steam. This can penetrate up to 8 inches of depth of holes and crevices. And it also greatly helps to remove any eggs of bed bugs which lay about 160 in a month.

Missouri City Residents Love Our Services

We have great success in Missouri city and other areas of Texas. Our clients are satisfied with our free inspection and work. You will be happy to hear that we have about 3500 in our heating, and over 300 satisfied customers in our cryonite techniques. And this number keeps on rising as we inspect about 1500 houses annually.

Moreover, you might concern about bed bug extermination costs in Missouri City, TX. But worry not! Most other companies range from 1500$ to 3000$ which sounds like a rip-off. We try to provide cheap bed bug treatment in Missouri City, TX.

So, you now have a good idea about Bed Bug Exterminator in Missouri City, TX, and what we do. In short, we kill bed bugs and are damn good at it! Still skeptical? Then give us a call to know more and let us inspect your home. What have you got to lose? It’s free!