Bed Bug Steam Treatment

Tired of Bed Bugs and waking up with rashes on the skin? There is a good chance that you’re frustrated about bed bugs and searching for bed bug extermination services. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is predominantly the best bed bug treatment in Houston.

Steam Treatment for bed bugs

The bed bug problem has climbed out of hand during the past years. Being said that, you always have to be prepared to deal with these issues. Bed bugs are not going to vanish fortuitously, so you’ll need to intercede and get rid of them. Significant portions of our clients agree that steam treatment is the best and most reliable solution for Houston bedbugs.

We offer steam treatment, heat treatment, and cryonite treatment at a discount when compared to our competitors.

What is it?

Steam is the pinnacle of bed bugs treatments. Bedbugs that live on the surface of items and up to 3/4″ into any porous surfaces can be eliminated using our treatment. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston uses a steaming machine to provide steam of 170 Degree.

In cracks and crevices, steam can kill bed bugs up to 2-3/8” into a hole. We also use an infrared thermometer for monitoring the surface temperature of any area we treat.

Importance of Steam Treatment

Bed bugs need animals’ blood to live and depend heavily on it to complete one life cycle, making us the perfect snack for these vampire creatures while we are asleep.

Once they make a living in your home, they are a formidable pest. Lays up to 320 eggs over two months.

Steam treatment can penetrate all the cervices and cracked as it flows with air. It kills all the bed bugs and its eggs immediately when in contact. Thus, making it a practical, convenient, affordable, and Eco-friendly bed bug treatment.

About Our Steam Treatment

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston gives you the best bed bug steam treatments around Houston. Our bed bug extermination experts will scrupulously treat every inch of the home with commercial-grade bed bug steamers to eliminate bed bug infestation.

The bed bugs can be as resilient as it is, no bed bug stands a chance against the Bed Bug Exterminator Houston steam treatment, no matter how tough it is. Most of the bed bugs have evolved a resistance to pesticides; the heat from our steamer eradicates them instantly.

Our Process

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston utilizes manual machines to produce real hydro-steam that provides temperatures up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit. This is the temperature required to kill all bed bugs on immediate contact. Then the area is sealed off; thus, we can protect the rest of the home. This also helps to keep all the bed bugs in the contained area. When the site is completely sealed off, steam machines are turned. Once the steam goes up to 170 degrees Fahrenheit, the work is done. The steam penetrates the hiding places before the area is unsealed and kills them.

Effectiveness of Our Service

Many treatment options are practically effective in exterminating bed bugs from your home. These are often combined two or three to get the best results. 

However, there is this one treatment that stands alone, steam treatment. This treatment is effective as it immediately kills on contact and can penetrate small cracks and holes, where the bed bugs tend to live. 

Looking for an effective solution to your bed bug treatment? Stream Treatment is highly recommended. Call now.