Cryotine Bed Bug Treatment in Houston, TX

Tired of using pesticides in the home without any effects against bed bugs? You are in the perfect place then. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston offers the best eco-friendly bed bugs extermination service in Houston.

Cryonite Treatment for bed bugs

Bed bugs are good at hitchhiking and will get into places that we won’t ever expect. These unexpected spaces have more bed bug introductions because of their dynamic environments. However, we have the perfect solution for exterminating bed bugs: Cryonite.

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston has developed the most effective bed bug program for these spaces using Cryonite technology. Other than that, Our bed bug control technicians will consult with you to develop approaches for future bed bug problems, as high traffic areas can see repeated problems.

We have over 300 happy Cryonite freeze bed bug treatment clients in Houston, Texas. So, pick up your phone and call us now to inspect your home for free.

cryonite bed bug treatment specialist

What is it?

Cryonite is an unorthodox, chemical-free technology used for the extermination of swarming insects at any stage of their life. This technology has been used vastly in the United States, Europe, and Australia with effective results.

Our Cryonite treatment system releases a liquid form of CO2 that looks like “snow” applied to the infected sites, which rapidly kills all the bed bugs on contact.

Importance of Cryonite Freeze Treatment

Bed bugs are small insects with a uniform body perfect for hiding in any cracks and crevices of your mattresses, box springs, and headboards. They generally feed on humans or warm-blooded animal’s blood. Thus, making us prone to different diseases.

Cryonite freeze treatment kills bed bug at all stages of life-cycle, nymphs, larvae, and eggs. This bed bug extermination method is also chemical-free, which makes it eco-friendly and kind to the environment.

About Our Cryonite Treatment

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston uses the best Cryonite freeze technology in Texas. We have patented our manual cryo-chamber, which was made by the best experts in the field.

Cryonite means eliminating a room of bed bugs without needing several quarantine days to allow chemicals to go away. This organic bed bug termination method also can come into contact with your food without contaminating it. We can proudly say it is the most eco-friendly Cryonite treatment in Houston, TX.

We provide you with the most affordable and reasonable Cryonite treatment in Houston. Our Cryonite treatment also includes a 14-month warranty.

Our Process

Cryonite uses the extreme freezing properties of the liquid CO2 (carbon dioxide), which instantly kills bed bugs on contact. When Carbon dioxide liquid releases out of our patented applicator’s nozzle, the CO2 then quickly and easily penetrate all the beddings, the other sides of furniture, and cracks and holes of everything.

When contact with bed bugs, it freezes them to death in their hiding places.

Effectiveness of Our Service

Freezing is the latest and most effective Eco-friendly treatment to terminate bed bugs from your house. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston has revolutionized this treatment to a greater extent. Our proprietory Cryonite machine releases CO2 liquid at -120 degrees, which leaves no residues and kills a bed bug instantly.

The treatment is also chemical-free and eco-friendly, so it won’t hurt your pets or family members’ health while treating your bed-bugs the most effective way.

Our Cryonite freezes penetrate conveniently into deep cracks and crevices and machinery and reach far into any long pipe, making it practical for places that are otherwise tricky to treat.