Commercial Bed Bug Treatment

Your customers are angry as they couldn’t sleep at night for itchiness? If you are a hotel owner, you might have fallen into this dilemma many times. But maybe you can’t find a solution of your own. Then you are in the perfect place. 

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston is undoubtedly the best residential and commercial bed bug extermination company in Houston, Texas.

Not only can we perform the most fruitful and effective commercial bed bug extermination in Houston, but also we offer a 16-month guarantee on our services, making it easier for hotel owners and commercial places. Houston business-owners can count on Bed Bug Exterminator Houston for long-term results when it comes to bed bug treatment.

Other than commercial bed bug extermination, we also have residential bed bug extermination, including steam treatment, heat treatment, and cryonite. What are you waiting for? Call now for your first free assessment.

We are Specialized in Commercial Bed Bug Extermination

It is way harder to detect bed bugs in commercial areas. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston uses bed bug inspecting dogs to effectively and accurately pinpoint bed bugs in commercial areas effectively as bed bugs in commercial areas have more cracks and holes to hide. 

We have bed bug experts who are trained, especially for challenging commercial areas. Every week they are trained with recent case studies of bed bug treatments all over the world. 

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston has proprietary technologies specializing in the commercial areas, as they tend to be way more spacious and trafficked with bed bugs than the residential areas.

eco friendly bed bug treatment Houston

How do you know that you need bed bug extermination right now?

When it is about bed bugs, determining the infestation place is as vital as knowing how to treat it. Bed bugs in the commercial areas are hard to inspect, for they can be anywhere, the most unexpected areas.  

So, call us now as our experts are waiting to provide you a free inspection. If you are not sure about it, you can check it by yourself following our easy guide.

Take a strong flashlight and look at places like mattresses, wood trim, electrical boxes, and outlets, floors, behind wallpaper, and picture frames. The things you should be looking for are small, brownish insects or cast skin looks like that. 

Unable to do so? Give us a call.

About Our Special Extermination for Commercial Places

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston has specialized extermination for commercial areas like hotels, offices, and shopping malls. Extermination treatment involves the use of machinery that is very powerful, needing expert technicians. 

We take all of our time to inspect the areas with our trained bed bug detecting dogs; then, we also do a manual check-up. Then we assess the areas and ways we can treat your place. Sometimes we need combination extermination or some new approaches. We provide that at the same price.

Our Process

Our work is to keep your commercial property free from all the bed bugs. To do that, we follow a few steps in our controlled process.

Free Inspection

We start our process with a free and reliable inspection at no cost.

Treatment Option

We have treatment options like heat treatmentsteam treatment, and cryonite treatment. Our expert technicians will recommend the ones that will suit your area most.

Application Treatment

If any of your bed bugs service the primary treatment, that got exterminated in this application step.