Eco-Friendly Bed Bug Treatments

Organic & eco-friendly bed bug treatment in Houston is now available from Bed Bug Exterminator Houston.

Don’t put your family and pets’ health at the peril of exposure to hazardous chemicals to remove unwanted bugs. Bed Bug Exterminator Houston uses the best natural and organic bug pesticides and eco-friendly bed bug treatment products in our Houston pest control services.

These organic and natural bug pesticides and repellents will solve all of the typical home and bed bug issues. Eco-friendly bug control inside the house: bed, bed frame, headboard, chairs, couches, and even the curtains’ folds.

Our modern organic and eco-friendly Bed Bug Treatments are safe around pets, safe around children, environmentally safe, and leaves zero toxic residues. And they are the most effective in Houston too!

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Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment for bed bugs is the quickest and most effective eco-friendly bed bug treatment method. We use our proprietary techniques and devices that are manually built by our top-level experts. 

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston uses specialized equipment types to heat your entire house to pin-point 150 degrees to terminate all bed bugs and its nymphs fast. Pesticide treatments also can be included with this heat treatment for a better combination treatment if the bed bugs are determined.

We provide a warranty for up to a 16-month if you heat treat the entire home.

Steam Treatment

Steam treatments are excellent as they offer a vast number of advantages. With steam treatment, you will be able to terminate all the bedbugs without putting anything at risk. You can conveniently get rid of the bugs in your home without damaging your belongings.

Bed Bug Exterminator Houston has the solutions you need. We’re confident that we will be able to get your job done perfectly. Steam is one of the most requested choices, simply because it works. It is eco-friendly, convenient, effective, and affordable, unlike other treatments. Steam can enter small crevices, cracks, and holes.

We have the best steam treatment in Houston, Tx. Our Steamfast machine will kill all the bed bugs in your house in 12 minutes, fast and easy. The steam will be 130 degrees so that it won’t damage any of your household’s accessory.

Cryonite Treatment

Cryonite is a pesticide-free, eco-friendly, innovative, and picks out approach to bed bug termination. This system uses freezing-cold Carbon di Oxide (CO2) gas to surfaces, cracks, and holes. The sustainable changes in temperature below freezing eliminate all bed bugs on contact.

In inclusion to employing Cryonite technology, a Bed Bug Exterminator Houston pest control technician will consult you about developing an approach for addressing upcoming bed bug problems, as our highly trafficked Houston can see recurring issues in a year.

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